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Erama is Manuela born in Tema, Ghana: 05° 40’ 01” N, 000° 01’ 00” W
She grew up in London and in Germany.

After graduating from the HTK Hamburg Technical Art School Academy of Design with
a degree in communication design she decided to work in the fashion industry.
Her fresh perspective on beauty, fashion, lifestyle and the luxury industry
is inspired by her cultural experiences while traveling around the globe.

Her skills and experiences include:
Fashion and beauty art direction,
graphic design and image making.
Developing 360° global brand campaigns, and creative strategy.
Realisation from print campaigns, film productions,
castings to post production. Managing and supervising creative teams

Clients: P&G Wella Professionals, Douglas, Thalia, DKMS,
Villeroy & Boch, Tush Magazin and many more